hidden fee

fixed fee

Charge your electric vehicle
and get back on the road.


Our pricing policy per kWh policy is understandable and transparent.

Fast Charging

Our charging stations enable you to charge your vehicle as soon as possible and continue on your way.

Free Support

If you need any assistance in using our nationwide charging stations, our 24/7 toll-free support hotline is at your disposal.

Reliable and Accessible

Our nationwide technical teams ensure that our charging network is safe and available for each and every hour every day.

Enjoy the amenities right
next to our station while

your vehicle is charging!

Our business partners such as hotels,
restaurants, cafes, gas stations, etc. will be
happy to serve you in their facilities while
your vehicle is charging.

Use the App
Or Pay

No need to carry a membership card. You can pay with your credit or debit card.

Plug it in
and Charge

Plug the charging cable into your electric vehicle and press the “start” button.

Pay for As much
As You Use

When your electronic vehicle has reached the desired charge, press the stop button on the control panel, disconnect the charging cable, and put it back into the charger.

If you need any help using our fast charging
stations, you can call our toll-free support line at

0312 385 93 54

for technical support.

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